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Magnetic Basing

All of our magnetic basing products are adhesive backed and need no glue.
We supply sheets in the following size as standard:
20 x 30 cm - sheets are sold singly.

Normally you would put Magnetic Basing on the bottom of your figures and Metal Sheet in boxes or on Movement Trays.

We supply magnetic basing in 2 thicknesses 0.55mm and 0.8mm. Larger figures (25mm+)  models will require the thicker 0.8mm thickness material. All of the base of the figure should be covered for best effect.

 There are currently no illustrations for our range of metallic basing, these are coming soon!

M5BA021 30cm x 20cm 0.55mm Magnetic Basing -  £3.00 each

M8BA051 30cm x 20cm 0.8mm Magnetic basing - £4.00 each

META021 30cm x 20cm Metal Sheet, Adhesive Backed - £3.00 each